Capcom wants Mega Man 1-6 on 3DS eShop in North America

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While classic Mega Man titles are currently available on the Wii Virtual Console, North American 3DS owners still don't have access to these old school adventures. According to Capcom, the reason for this is because there's been a few undisclosed issues bringing the games to the eShop.

Speaking to Nintendo Power, Capcom stated that it really hopes to release the first six Mega Man games from the NES era on the 3DS. So what problems could the company be running into? Beats me, but by my count, the European eShop has the first Mega Man available for download and Japan has the first four games. Quite curious, wouldn't you agree?

Seriously, though, I doubt there should be any concern on the fans' part. Mega Man will come to the North America eShop. Oh, of course I don't mean new Mega Man games. Unless you want that Mega Man Xover game. But you don't. You really don't.

[Go Nintendo]

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