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Capcom USA asks Monster Hunter fans to 'please be patient'


Gamers have speculated about a western release of Monster Hunter Tri G since the 3DS game was confirmed for Japan, but fans have been impatient for an official announcement.

The company has tried to appease fans requesting localizations of several games without leaking confidential information.

“There is method to the madness," Christian Svensson of Capcom USA said. "That’s all I can say for now. I understand it not being clear or rational to you right now but you’ll see.”

However, persistent fans demanded a more concrete answer: "So are we not getting Monster Hunter Tri G for 3DS?” one asked in a forum thread.

A frustrated Svensson replied, “Have we said that? I think it’s fair to say I’ve said everything that I can on this topic without getting myself into trouble. Please be patient.”

It's probably safe to say that Capcom intends to bring Monster Hunter Tri G westward, but pestering Capcom USA won't make a reveal happen any sooner. The acknowledgment of these requests is about as much as we can ask for right now.

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