Capcom supports SOPA, hates freedom

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The Stop Online Privacy Act is a perfect example of shortsighted government legislation, which seeks to improve corporate revenues by actively sabotaging the greatest invention in the history of mankind. Under SOPA, the federal government would have free reign to block access to any website found to have hosted infringing copyrighted material, the bill opposed by just about every corporation who actually understands how the internet works, including Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and countless others. Those in favor are all the expected entertainment empires, the Motion Picture Association, Comcast, ABC, ESPN and now Capcom.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) represents about thirty different gaming publishers, lobbying for their interests. The ESA has thrown their support behind the bill, which had many questioning if each of the publishers agreed. A recent email to Capcom for their stance on SOPA revealed that the answer was yes, telling Digital Trends: "The ESA represents us on these matters."

Piracy is a problem, though imposing limits on the distribution of free information is not the solution. I think I'll be cancelling my Resident Evil: Revelations pre-order now...



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