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Capcom's Sales Get Smashed by Ukanlos Trampler, Drop 70%


According to Capcom's recent financial statements, the company's net sales have decreased by 2.4% at the end of June 30th, resulting in a 72.6 decrease in Operating income compared to the previous term.

“Capcom Co., Ltd. would like to announce that net sales decreased to 19,037 million yen (down 2.4% from the previous year). As for profits, operating income decreased to 1,005 million yen (down 72.6 % from the previous year), and ordinary income decreased to 216 million yen (down 94.8 % from the previous year). Net income for the current period decreased to 213 million yen (down 90.4 % from the previous year).“

What this means, for you who aren't business-minded inclined, is that Capcom's projected sales for specific games failed to meet their expectations. Citing a decline in profitability due to the performances of Lost Planet 2 (PS3, X360), Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) and Ghost Trick (DS) most of the new flagship titles released from the same term in the previous year resulted in higher development costs.

Capcom also mentioned Super Street Fighter IV, Monster Hunter Frontier Online as having steady growth while stating that the US and European markets are shrinking due to the stagnating economy.

Read their financial earnings here.

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