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Capcom plans to ship 7 million copies of Resident Evil 6

Capcom is expecting four of their upcoming titles to sell at least a million copies including Resident Evil 6 which the company expects to ship 7 million copies.

The expectations put on the other three titles are much lower. In a supplemental earnings materials released today Capcom revealed the following shipment targets:  DmC Devil May Cry (2 million units), Dragon's Dogma (1.5 million units), and Lost Planet 3 (1.4 million units).

As you can see, Capcom is putting a lot of their eggs in the Resident Evil 6 basket.  And with Resident Evil 5 managing to sell 5.8 million copies as of the end of June 2011, there's really no reason for them to doubt the newest installment to the Resident Evil franchise.

In addition to new releases, Capcom is hoping a nice amount of their estimated 80 billion yen in sales will come from an expanded range of DLC.  Capcom hopes 3.5 billion yen will be earned via DLC sales as opposed to just 2.8 billion yen last year.

The company listed additional quests for Dragon's Dogma, more modes and maps for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, and additional characters for Street Fighter x Tekken as examples of upcoming DLC.



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