Capcom gives the go-ahead to Street Fighter X Mega Man fan game

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Capcom has announced that it will be releasing the fan-made Street Fighter X Mega Man directly through Capcom-Unity on December 17. The PC game will be absolutely free to download and will feature the titular hero taking on the characters of Street Fighter.

The official announcement was made today during the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament Grand Final in Burlingame, California. We'll see Mega Man's boss foes replaced by Street Fighter characters, and it'll be up to the Blue Bomber to adapt to each of their fighting styles.

It's pretty cool to see a major publisher giving the green light to a fan game, and it's even more awesome that the company will release it right through their website. We may not be getting an official new Mega Man anytime soon, but this is certain to get plenty of fans stoked.

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