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Capcom embarrassed by Resident Evil 4 PC port


Every now and again, you have a port of an excellent game that just destroys everything great about the original. Although the Resident Evil 4 port for PC probably wasn't the worst port ever, it was close with tons of problems that plagued gamers who wanted to enjoy the popular Resident Evil title on the convenience of their PC. Now, it seems Capcom is on board with most gamers saying they were unhappy with the port.

Reported by DSOgaming, a concerned gamer simply asked via the Capcom forums why Resident Evil 4 wasn't re-released for digital download when it is arguably better than the Devil May Cry 3 port that is currently available on Steam for $20. A couple of other forum goers responded when Christian Svensson, Capcom Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President, chimed in saying, "Sorry, but there's enough people at Capcom who aren't happy with that version and would prefer it not be in the digital marketplace."

OUCH! That must be hard to stomach for Sourcenext, who ported Resident Evil 4 to PC, but at least Capcom seems to acknowlege the problems with the PC version and have pride enough in Resident Evil 4 not to re-release it for digital download. You have to give some props to Capcom caring enough about their product and the quality of their product to not release it again even if some gamers would like to see it.

[Capcom Forums]

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