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Capcom bracing for weakened Resident Evil 6 sales


As if the critical response to Resident Evil 6 wasn’t disappointing enough, Capcom has announced today that they’re “bracing” for substantially weakened sales. Initially, the mediocre title hit the ground running, having topped several sales charts for the first two weeks of release, but has since fallen significantly behind, which has the publisher in dire straights.

"...Sales of the major new title Resident Evil 6 were initially strong but subsequently weakened. As a result, sales for this title are certain to fall short of the plan,” said Capcom in a statement to GameSpot.

According to several sources, Capcom is expecting sales to be $1 billion behind their initial assumptions. Resident Evil 6 was unarguably Capcom’s biggest title of 2012, so it’ll be interesting to see the aftermath of these poor sales figures, and the path Capcom will take with the inevitable next Resident Evil.

We gave the shooter a 6.5 this past October, calling it a failed attempt to “live to up series' standards.” You can read the review by clicking here.

Source: [GameSpot]

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