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Capcom aspires to be the number one game developer in the world

Good luck with that.

Dead Rising 4

Capcom is a massive company. They have some incredibly valuable and popular IPs under their belt like Resident Evil, Mega Man, Dead Rising, Street Fighter, and many others! While they have faced lots of criticism in the past for how they have treated these properties and some of their business practices, they are no doubt still very successful. But Capcom doesn't think they're successful enough.

In their newest annual report, head of consumer games development at Capcom, Yoichi Egawa, notes that they wants to become the number one studio out there and shift their focus to other genres that Capcom doesn't typically pay attention to.

"Going forward, as we aim to become the world's number one game developer, we feel that while it is of course necessary to advance and expand upon existing content, it is also necessary to take on new challenges," Egawa said. "We cannot ignore genres such as shooting and strategy games with massive numbers of players when considering Consumer, Online and eSports market growth potential.

"We will make use of our strengths and keep a close watch on market trends while moving forward with the kind of game creation only possible at Capcom."

The studio plans to also focus on quality instead of generating high amounts of revenue.

"The Chairman issued a manifesto, which reemphasized that we will not compromise on the products we release to market; an insistence on quality and the development of the world's number one games," he says earlier in the note. "He demands we reflect on whether we are maintaining a balance between meeting our ship-dates and craftsmanship."

This is certainly a new Capcom that we are seeing. Previously, the studio shifted the tone of Resident Evil to focus more on action over horror to appeal to wider audiences and provide big, blockbuster type moments. They also forced annoying microtransactions and shady business tactics into their games which in turn caused tons of controversy. It seems they noticed that fans were ticked off by these decisions and decided to flip things around to win their fans back.

Capcom will be releasing Dead Rising 4 on December 6th, 2016 and Resident Evil 7 on January 24th, 2017.


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