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Canadian retailers attempting to unload Animal Crossing amiibo 3-Pack

We gave you one job, K.K. Slider

Animal Crossing amiibo 3-Pack

Nintendo's gamble of bundling K.K. Slider alongside two less popular Animal Crossing characters hasn't paid off in Canada. The 3-Pack has been in healthy supply since November and doesn't show signs of going anywhere fast, leading some Canadian retailers to apply significant discounts in hopes of moving units.

EB Games, Best Buy and Amazon Canada are currently running a 50% off deal on the Animal Crossing amiibo 3-Pack, bringing it to $22.49, its lowest in-store price so far. Because amiibo figures are rarely discounted to such a degree — the Splatoon and Retro 3-Packs continue to sell at full cost — it's an indication that the bundle hasn't moved much on store shelves in the four months that it's been available. 

The Animal Crossing 3-Pack is not the only unit that isn't doing well — Mabel also seems to be having trouble, and no one wants the previously Best Buy-exclusive Lottie figure (despite repeated attempts to try and get rid of her).

Room needs to be made for today's new wave, after all.

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