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Canabalt on iOS to get co-op, achievements, and extra modes


Canabalt is an addictive, joy-inducing running man game that has managed to hook everyone from iPhone owners to PlayStation 3 gamers. Developer Adam Saltsman has been looking into possible features that he would like to include if he made a Canabalt 2.

In a post on the Semi Secret dev blog, Saltsman stated that maybe Canabalt doesn't need a sequel. Maybe the iOS game would benefit from a content update that beefs it up with some extra stuff to do.

Currently, the Canabalt creator hopes to add two-player local co-op, which should provide a unique experience for fans of the game. Additionally, he plans on incorporating achievements, leaderboards, and eight new hardcore modes.

I recently reviewed the PS Minis version of Canabalt, and I thought it was a whole lot of fun. These updates should add a nice touch to the mobile version.

[Semi Secret]

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