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Can you discover the 'twist' in ZombiU before the reveal?


Ubisoft's upcoming zombie survival-horror game ZombiU has looked impressive so far. Gameplay aside, the survival-horror aspect of the story in which you are placed in a random survivor's shoes in the middle of London 2012, where an outbreak has infected the population, turning them into flesh eating zombies preying on the remaining survivors. But apparently there's more than meets the eye.

Speaking to ONMZombiU story director Gabrielle Shrager hinted of a surprise "twist" in the game, one that only the "best-prepared survivors" will discover prior to the reveal.

"There is a twist," Shrager teased. "ZombiU is a thriller, but only the most persistent and best-prepared survivors will discover what the twist is before the reveal.”

“I’m sure the first survivors won’t resist the urge to spill the beans, but I hope others won’t spoil it for themselves," she added.

I agree, let's wait a while before we start spoiling big reveals. With that being said, let's try to guess what it could be based on what we've seen so far. Leave your thoughts below, and come November 30, when ZombiU launches, let's see if you were correct in your guesses.

ZombiU is set to release on November 18, alongside Nintendo's Wii U console.

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