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Can Xbox One players voice chat with Xbox 360 friends?

Xbox One Chat Headset

When the Xbox One launches later this year, the unfortunate truth is that not everyone will be able to upgrade to Microsoft's next-gen console. So one of the burning questions heading into the launch is whether or not the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will allow cross chat between platforms. While Microsoft hasn't formally announced details, Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) would "be surprised if this was possible."

"I've asked - based on what I know of the voice system, I would be surprised if this was possible," Nelson said on Reddit. "The Xbox One uses an all new wide bandwidth (read: better voice quality) CODEC, so I doubt they are compatible."

"Again, this may change," he added when users cited Microsoft's past changes in Xbox One policies and features. "I need to check."

When asked why he just hasn't tried it for himself with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One he has in his office, he defended, "Because I am running non-final code."

I'll gladly sacrifice the ability to talk to those Xbox 360 peasants for better quality on the Xbox One. Who wants to talk to a person with a lesser console anyway? amirite?

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