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Can Knights of Puzzelot draw away my attention from Puzzle and Dragons?

knights of puzzelot

I play a lot of Puzzle and Dragons, to the point where I set alarms on my phone to wake me up at 1am to run a special Metal Dragon dungeon. Before that, I played a lot of 10,000,000, the action-rpg-puzzle game on Steam and Android. Today, I downloaded Glu's Knights of Puzzelot on my iPhone, and I've been playing it steadily all day.

Knights of Puzzelot features match-3 gameplay merged with fantasy RPG. Glu describes their game as a puzzle-crawler, and that's a really good description. It plays like 10,000,000 -- where matching swords makes you attack, shields mitigate damage coming to you, potions heal you, and gold coins give you money -- all as you navigate dungeons and take out enemies. It's really fun and addicting, and there's a loot element to make you stronger.

Features of Knights of Puzzelot include:

  • Quick and simple gameplay - swipe to attack or shields to defend your hero.
  • Defeat monsters in puzzle-combat - magic weapons, whirlwinds, and fireballs change the puzzle as you play.
  • Hundreds of unique items - find rare equipment or craft matching sets for powerful bonuses.
  • Take on the world - Form a guild with friends and compete in global events to win exclusive weapons and armor. 

Check out the official trailer of the game and download it for free from the App Store.

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