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Cam Newton campaigns for Madden NFL 13 Cover


Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took to YouTube today to campaign for his spot on the cover of Madden NFL 13.

In a final push to win the competition, Cam Newton didn't take the "nice guy" approach, pleading with fans to vote for him.  No sir, he took the cocky/confident approach and not only issued a challenge to rival cover athlete Calvin Johnson, but also challenged fans to a game of Madden as a livestreamed match.

Newton first called out Johnson: "My first challenge goes out to you, Mr. Megatron, Calvin Johnson.  If you are who you say you are and you want to be Mr. Madden 13, can you play Madden?"

Newton didn't stop there, however.  He went on to call out every Madden player.

"My next challenge is to you fans because I think my talents are so good, my thumbs are so official on the sticks that I will play anybody.  People who play me know the shirt is explanatory; fear no one.  These thumbs are official."

"I am an official Madden player.  This is a PSA to everybody who thinks they can play Madden.  Come play your boy, Ace Boogie."

Think you have what it takes to beat Cam Newton in a Madden NFL challenge?  All you have to do is follow these steps for your chance to partake in the Cam-paign Challenge:

  • Email:
  • Include your full name, phone number, and your PS3/Xbox 360 gamertag

That's all it takes!  Cocky or confident...or both?  Is this the guy you want on your Madden NFL 13 cover?  If so, head over to ESPN's SportsNation page and vote for either Cam Newton or Calvin Johnson to be on the cover of Madden NFL 13.  Voting ends on April 25th.

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