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'Callonburg Level Pack' add-on now available for Wreckateer


After a highly anticipated 2012 “Summer of Arcade” promotion fell short of anything impressive due to poor sales numbers by Hybrid and Wreckateer, one can’t imagine too many gamers eager to jump on the Wreckateer’s empty bandwagon, nevertheless indulge in some new content, but Microsoft sure believes there is enough of a fan base to release a brand new “level pack,” titled, “Callonburg Level Pack.”

Featuring a brand new region for players to montion-control their way through via Kinect; and by that we mean: act like a freaking plane while your on-screen characters rams digital objects, the Callonburg Level Pack will surely lengthen your time playing Wreckateer.

Below you can find more information pertaining to the new DLC pack:

Callonburg Level Pack – Wreckateer


Price: 160 MSP

Download Size: 106.61 MB

Description: “Wreck 6 brand new levels in Wreckateer! Wreck and Tinker discover a new region to smash. Crush your way through the long lost foul fortresses of Callonburg!”

To download the Callonburg Level Pack for Wreckateer directly to your Xbox 360, click here

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