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Callipygian Games Announces Secondhand Lands

March, 19, 2008


Forget what you were taught as a child in this new multiplayer online fairy tale world

Callipygian Games today announced Secondhand Lands, a - fantasy MMOG that releases players on a fairy-tale world. The Austin-based independent developer (of X developers) promises to bring a higher level of developer/player interaction and will create new content influenced by players.

Players are guaranteed a unique gaming experience in Secondhand Lands with witty dialog and hilarious quests. Bobby Thurman, Creative Director of Callipygian Games, remarks, "I want people to play Secondhand Lands and feel disquieted as they laugh, but not to the point that they'd quit; only to the point that they'd want to keep going and see what we have for them next." He adds that the same "vanilla" gameplay mechanics players have come to expect in large-scale massive online games are provided, "But they don't have super-leaping sheep."

At launch, players will choose from one of two available races, the Sheep or Wolf, with end-game faction warfare taking place between followers of Bo Peep and Little Red Riding hood. "Players can easily stand out from the herd (or pack). With the high level of customization offered by our player advancement system, characters will rarely be identical to one another," says Patrick Rogers, Designer for Callipygian games. "However, this system was developed with our casual players in mind. We don't want them to be completely overshadowed by the hardcore players who have crunched all the numbers." Bobby Thurman interjects, "Yeah, and, we have taken all the things that sheep and wolves can do and increased them by orders of magnitude until they are like Super Heroes!"

Secondhand Lands is scheduled to launch this summer. The game will be free to download and play. Some features and items such as PvP participation, complete character respecialization, and advanced appearance customization packages will be offered through micro-payments. Callipygian Games plans to begin closed beta testing on April 1, 2008, with more information on how to join the beta announced on the game's website very soon.

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