Call of Juarez: The Cartel Takes a Modern Approach to Western Shooting

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The third game in the Call of Juarez series has a modern twist. Techland, the folks behind the upcoming Dead Island, will be developing the title as they did the previous two series entries.

The game shifts to modern-day Los Angeles but still maintains the unique Wild West style that everyone knows and loves. The reason behind the drastic scenery switch is the brutal bombing of a U.S law enforcement agency by a fictitious drug cartel. A last resort decision is made to assemble a task force to hunt down and eliminate the group.

Kim Evans, a former gang member turned FBI hotshot, has two gents accompanying her in the war against the cartel: Eddie Guerra, a DEA agent and furious gambler, and Ben McCall, a rugged LAPD veteran and relative of anti-hero Ray McCall from past Call of Juarez titles.

The team find themselves chasing leads all over the country, even traveling as far as Juarez, Mexico. A troublesome journey awaits all three agents, with old demons and personal challenges complicating their assignments.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel allows for three-player online co-op, and the single-player experience has three unique stories and endings. Look for the game this summer.

Stuart Macdonald
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