Call of Duty Still Reigns Supreme on Xbox Live

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshot - 867644

Remember that time Halo: Reach came out and it shattered a bunch of records and Microsoft was all like, "Wow, our game is so amazing! It's the best ever! Adriaaaan!!!"? Right, that's because it was only a week ago. You'd think with all this hype and the massive sales number, Halo: Reach would be conquering Xbox Live right now. But, according to Xbox Live's Director of Programming, Reach was not only beat out by Modern Warfare 2 this past weekend, but also by Halo 3.

Visit Major Nelson's blog for the full stats. Over time these rankings will likely fluctuate as Reach continues to sell and new challengers are released, so keep on those charts if you're interested.

William Haley
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