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Call of Duty: WWII's Headquarter Mode Revealed

COD makes true progress from previous entries


Sledgehammer Games has been adamant about making their Call of Duty game not only return to its roots but to take the game in a different direction, with new modes and features never seen in previous entries. We now have a new "war mode," which pits Allies vs Axis in a new, head-on battle, where teams attempt to attack or defend an outpost, as the map shifts as objectives are completed. Players and their squads (6 vs 6) must use teamwork to build bridges, escort a tank or destroy an enemy bunker. The feeling of working together to push the enemy back requires thought and patience and isn't just a race to 100 kills.

The other big addition is the "headquarters" mode or lobby. Instead of signing on and going to a lobby with either your friends or 12 other people, you're instead placed in a massive headquarters, a bunker basically, with 40+ other players. Here you can prestige, and when you do, everyone around sees it happen, the same thing happens when you buy new gear or weapons. Your peers get to experience your experience, making the comradery even cooler.

As part of their monthly exclusive coverage, Game Informer has an exclusive video showing off the new feature. So check it out.

Also, the Call of Duty WWII Beta for PS4 kicks off this week, so if you're interested, you need to pre-order soon to get your beta code. There will be a second beta in September, that in addition to the PS4, XBOX One owners can get into the action.

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