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Call of Duty: WWII execs talk Zombies, Maps, and Pacing

That 'Dead Space' feel.

Michael Condrey, the chief operating and development officer of Sledgehammer Games, took to the latest issue of Edge (via Reddit) to discuss a number of details on Call of Duty: WWII. While Condrey spoke on a few elements of the game, the main points focused on the game's pacing.

According to Condrey, Call of Duty: WWII will not be featuring all of the futuristic elements from prior games, but will be more slowly paced (as expected).

"It’s the fast-action experience you’re used to, and gritty and visceral but certainly, the boosts and thrusts and abilities that we introduced in Advanced Warfare and you’ve seen in other games that are around… future technology and exoskeletons are just not appropriate for this game. You can imagine trying to find a balance where it feels strategic and appropriate to the time period, while still maintaining the fun of multiplayer. It’s more grounded, and more strategic, and I think you’ll find it’s not as fast."

As for maps, Condrey detailed that multiplayer would be "revisiting battlefields featured in the singleplayer campaign will also expand to different fronts," and offered slight details on the map designs:

"The feeling of being able to identify your lanes and threats is so different when you’re grounded. We spent a lot of time on map design, and there’s a lot of fundamental rules about sightlines and engagements. But it’s transformational when you [no longer] have to worry about an unseen threat from the sky."

In the same interview, Glen Schofield, the general manager and co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, offered some details on the game's Zombie mode:

"There’s some really authentic stuff in there. There’s back story that’s based on real events."

Condrey added that the mode will be "unique to our Dead Space signature"

In addition to all this, we have heard that the game will not feature Unlimited Sprint, as well as how the game will address racism, how Axis characters/factions will not be playable, and a bit on how the game's campaign story will be told.

Call of Duty: WWII is set to release on November 3rd, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will have timed-exclusive DLC for the PS4 (30 days) and will get a beta on the PS4 first as well (pre-ordering will get you access to a private beta that will be at least three days long and on all available platforms). Other platforms will be getting the DLC and beta afterward. 

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