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Call of Duty website update includes cryptic number riddle


The official Call of Duty website has been updated once again.  The new update includes a more clear "Tacitus" image as well as a new number riddle for Call of Duty fans to solve.

The number and letter combination changes quite frequently, but thanks to MP1st we have the code broken down:

  • 34.D46660-CBE.2BC7C68D1
  • 34.D4416E-A98.2B7886AC1
  • 34.849C64-271.272956371
  • 34.34E76B-AFC.2FD106541
  • 34.84E56C-C4E.2718662D1

As for what they mean, your guess is as good as ours.  Some fans suggest changing the letters into numbers and looking up the GPS locations.  Others say they look like the morning report used from Vietnam to encrypt communications.  I say stop trying to figure it out and check out the first images of the recently revealed Quadrotor tech in-game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 quadrotor

The images were released by the mechanical special effects company, Reel EFX, that worked on FPSRussia's viral Call of Duty video that showed off a prototype Quadrotor that will allegedly be available in this year's Call of Duty title.  It is believed that Black Ops 2 will take place 10 to 15 years in the future.

"It may look like something you've seen before, but believe me, the technology in this baby isn't going to be out there for at least another decade," Potapoff said in the viral video.  "In the next 10, maybe 15 years, shit is going to get very real.  We're talking about some pretty sophisticated warfare and the soldiers are going to need technology like this to get above the combat, around their enemies, and get into tight spaces."

As of this time, it's unclear as what stage in development these screenshots were taken in, but they do look early.  The original project page, before being taken down, was listed as "Call of Duty".


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