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Call of Duty: Elite Premium Members to Receive Priority over Free Users


Activision has just updated the official FAQ regarding Call of Duty: Elite, the premium subscription service unlike any other. Players have been having trouble accessing the service, and it seems Activision is considering moving to let the premium folks in ahead of the pack.

The first few questions on the FAQ can basically be summed up as:

Q: Why does Elite suck right now?
A: Our servers are borked you dumb kids.  We didn't expect all three bajillion of you to try and login at the same time. 

Quickly though, Activision gets down into some very interesting questions about the service. For starters, as apology for the server overload, all premium memberships are being extended by a month. Activision also says the mobile app is on hold until the main server is ready to handle the load, so we can expect that to be a ways off. Most interestingly though, is this tidbit.

Q: Are you giving ELITE premium members access ahead of free users?
A: All Users are being prioritized into queues to help reduce server load as we work to improve the system. Depending on demand, prioritization of premium members may occur.

It seems as though Activision is considering letting the rich folk in first, with us rabble who could only afford the already pricey $60 game forced to enjoy our regular multiplayer matches like peons. Watching while the upper class happily indulges in checking their stats, and enjoying all the other perks Elite has to offer.




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