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Call of Duty Elite goes mobile tomorrow


If you're the kind of Call of Duty junkie who can't seem to stop checking their Elite stats every few minutes, then you'll be happy to know the comprehensive stat tracker is coming free to the iOS marketplace tomorrow. Now you can make sure your kill/death ratio is up to snuff while you wait in line at the bank, or see who in your clan is dominating the leaderboards while the Starbucks barista screws up your order for the third time. Although, this app seems more a time waster than anyone else, with developer Chacko Sonny's predictions for usage a bit ambitious:

"Let's say we're at lunch, talking about the games that we played last night, reviewing your recent matches, and seeing what happened to your K/D" Sonny told Kotaku. "We look at the top of the scoreboard and see what those guys were using. OK, that might be a combination that you might want to try. Right from the mobile app, you can configure to those same weapons and try them out the next time you play."

If you're the guy in the office cafeteria busy adjusting your Call of Duty loadout, maybe you should try and meet some friends. Just a thought.

[Source: Kotaku]

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