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Buy Chime, Give to Charity


Did you know that 100% of the profits from Chime on XBLA have gone to charity for the past ten months? I sure didn't, but I bought it anyway. Now you have a week to do the same, before the game drops to the same 5% donation rate as the Steam version.

"While 100% of our royalty is donated we feel we can freely encourage those who have not had a chance to purchase Chime to use this last opportunity to fully support the OneBigGame initiative," said Ed Daly, general manager, Zoe Mode. "We have very much enjoyed working with OneBigGame on this unique venture and although this marks a change for Chime it is far from the end of the relationship."

Chime will also be seeing a title update that will remove the score cap and allow the best of the best to truly set themselves apart from each other on the top of the leaderboards.

"Now that this cap has been removed it will finally be possible to discover the best Chime players in the world," stated Brynley Gibson, game director, Zoe Mode. "This fix has been a long time coming and is absolutely one made for the fans; we hope it tides them over until we can announce our plans for where we are taking Chime next."

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