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Buy Saints Row: The Third, Get More Saints Free


At E3, THQ announced that the giant purple dildo bat so heavily emphasized in Saints Row: The Third would be controllable via the PlayStation Move.  Unbeknownst to many PS3 owners, this "feature" was scrapped.  Attempting to make up for the absence of having the feeling of controlling a giant dildo, THQ has given fans something else to enjoy - Saints Row 2.

Now, when you register your Saints Row: The Third's online pass you'll receive a full digital copy of Saints Row 2.  This offer is good as long as you register before February of next year.

Saints Row 2 may not be AS crazy or over-the-top as The Third, but it's still not a bad deal.  THQ isn't the first to not keep their promise.  Earlier, EA failed to keep their promise of including a copy of Battlefield 1943 in the PS3 version of BF3.  To make up for it, EA has offered to allow PS3 owners to purchase Battlefield 3 DLC one week before Xbox 360 owners.  At least THQ didn't do that, right?

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