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Buy Retro City Rampage on PS3 or Vita, get the other version free


It's awesome to think that you'll be able to transfer your Retro City Rampage data from your PlayStation 3 to your Vita and vice versa. That's actually something worthy of a lot of praise, because it will allow players to take the game on the go with them whenever they want.

But there's been a lot of mystery surrounding cross-platform games on Sony's two systems. Most of the confusion revolves around cash. Will gamers have to shell out extra money to get both versions of Retro City Rampage if they want to cross their saves over? No, absolutely not.

Folks who buy Retro City Rampage on either the PlayStation 3 or Vita will definitely be able to transfer their games between platforms, and it will come at no extra cost. Buy one version of the game, get the other one free. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, and really, this is a move that Sony needs to pursue in order to avoid pissing off a lot of people.

For more on Retro City Rampage, check out my preview of the Vita version of the game.


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