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If for some reason you haven’t played Guns of Icarus Online yet and have always wanted to, now is literally the perfect time. Guns of Icarus Online can be purchased via IndieGameStand for however much you want. Didn't I tell you now was the perfect time? Quite similar to a Humble Bundle deal, you can buy the game for $1 or however much you want. If you pay $10 or more you get the collector’s edition. For a game that is normally sold for $20, how can you go wrong?

As someone who has recently started playing GoIO, I’d personally love to see this deal take off to grow the community. As of the time of writing this article there have been about 2000 people who have taken Muse Games up on this deal. You have a bit more than three more days to get down on this. Spread the good word.

If you pick up the game and have been enjoying it, definitely check out their Kickstarter about the new adventure mode on the way. Why wouldn’t you want some sweet sweet PvE action for your airships? While the Kickstarter campaign has already been funded, those reach goals are pretty damn awesome.


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