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Buy Dishonored at GameStop and receive Dunwall City Trials DLC for free


For those of you who haven’t gotten in the head of good (or evil) Corvo yet, there is no better time than now to pick up Dishonored. Maybe you’re into the whole sneaky, blinking, choking out, no blood on your hands sort of gameplay due to your humanitarian beliefs.  Or you could go ahead and say screw that and become a demon of slaughter, plague, and habitual revenge bent psychopath.  Both get the job done after all.

Whichever path you go for, you will want to know about this deal at GameStop. From today to January 27th, if you buy Dishonored at GameStop you will receive the Dunwall City Trials DLC for free – which is a $5 deal.  On top of that, you’ll also receive the game guide for free!  If you were thinking about picking up the Bethesda title why not get some free DLC along with the purchase.  This deal works with Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Still on the fence? Feel free to check out GameZone’s review of Dishonored right HERE as I talk about my likes and gripes with the game.  See you in Dunwall.    


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