burda:ic Announces the Start of Closed Beta Registration for LOCO – Land of Chaos Online

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burda:ic today announced the start of registration for the Closed Beta Test of strategic action MMO LOCO – Land of Chaos Online. Interested players have until Monday, May 17 to sign up for their chance to participate in the CBT, and full registration details can be found at:

The Closed Beta Test will feature 12 heroes from LOCO’s 30-character roster, including Octavian, Atin, Foxlady, RandyRozz, and more. Three maps will be available for use in both the Annihilation and Battle Modes: the “Forest of Chaos,” the “Crimson Plains,” and the “Lair of the Ancient Dragons.” The CBT will also feature a first look at LOCO’s Guild and Enchantment systems, so sign up today if you want to be one of the first players to explore the Land of Chaos!

To leaf through the Book of Heroes and learn more about the warriors from LOCO’s two factions, the Army of Hell and the Forces of Nature, visit

For more information about Land of Chaos Online and the upcoming Closed Beta Test, head to

Steven Hopper
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