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Burda:ic Announces the North and South American Launch of Fantasy Tennis Season 2

March 10, 2009

Burda:ic Announces the North and South American Launch of Fantasy Tennis Season 2

North American Servers Added for the Free-to-Play Tennis MMORPG

Burda:ic, a publisher of online games worldwide, today announced that free-to-play MMO Fantasy Tennis will be available to North and South American gamers beginning March 12 with the launch of Fantasy Tennis Season 2. The fantastic and colorful sports RPG pits player against player as they level up their characters and take to the courts with a variety of powerful strikes and spells. Aspiring virtual athletes will need both quick reflexes and sharp thinking to win, because even the easiest lob can be difficult to return from the middle of a meteor storm.

Season 2 features a number of updates from the original Fantasy Tennis, such as improved opponent AI, new clothing sets, and a freshly-updated user interface. Equally significant is the all-new Heroic System which raises the level cap from 50 to 60. Those extra levels could make a big difference in the soon-to-be-added Guild Warfare, as there’s sure to be a lot of competition for ownership of the league castles!

Fantasy Tennis Season 2 Features Include:

Standard tennis matches or battle matches with magical spells and items

Themed islands with a wide variety of minigames and quests to complete

Leveling and experience system that lets you choose your strengths

Battlemon pets who partner with you in doubles matches

All-new graphical user interface and improved opponent AI

Enchantment system to improve the power of items and outfits

Item shop featuring a ton of unique costumes, special items, and Battlemon

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About Fantasy Tennis Season 2

Fantasy Tennis Season 2 is a fantastic and colorful free-to-play MMORPG with a twist. Take to the courts and compete against players from around the world with a combination of serves, swings, and spells as you level up and customize your character. Whether you choose to be speedy, hard-hitting, or an expert at calling down meteor storms and tossing fireballs, you’ll need quick reflexes and a sharp mind to win the match!

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