Bungie's new site enters beta, includes PSN sign in

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Halo and now Destiny creator Bungie has given their website a new facelift. Bungie.NEXT has it is internally known at the company is now in a public Beta so you can test out the many new features multiple service login, forums and tags, and private groups.

The most noteworthy feature is the ability to login with four online services, including PlayStation Network. As the developer and supporter of Microsoft's exclusive Halo franchise it's easy to see why they supported the Microsoft account login, but now that the company is private they have opened it up to other services -- Facebook, Google, and PlayStation network have now been added.

Other features include the ability to segment the website's forums by whatever you want to talk about. All users have a handful of Official Tags they are already following, but you can add and follow your own whether they are official or user generated.

Lastly, group leaders now have the option to host public conversations that include everyone who access the forum. Although you can follow as many groups as you want, you can only join 10 of them. Legacy members will retain membership in all of the groups they currently belong to. Following a group lets you keep track of public conversations hosted by the groups. However, to create content for the group or see the private section, you'll need to join.

You can check out Bungie's new site here

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