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Bungie embraces the bad. Now selling 'That Wizard came from The Moon' shirts for Destiny


"That Wizard came from The Moon." That line, spoken by Peter Dinklage, will forever be how we remember the Destiny First Look Alpha. Seriously, it will be -- that's because Bungie has created a commemorative t-shirt featuring that painful line that you can now buy from the Bungie store for $24.99. Profits from the sale of the shirt will be donated to charity through the Bungie Foundation.

It seems Bungie is embracing the awfulness of that line and I guess that's a good thing. Of course, it'll be interesting now to see if they actually change it (or all of Dinklage's lines) before the final game is released. I don't think many people will find it as funny if the final game releases and it still contains the same monotone delivery. Either way, you can now own this totally wizard, limited edition t-shirt.

Based on the Alpha, what do you think of Dinklage's performance in Destiny? Maybe it's not the final take? Hopefully they do something because, man, those lines were hard on the ears.


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