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Bundle in a Box includes Eversion, Shuggy, and more


Feel like saving some cash while simultaneously snagging a bunch of cool indie games? Of course you do! Well, Bundle in a Box is offering up a handful of games for a really low price, allowing you to pay whatever the heck you want.

If you pay a minimum of 99 cents, you'll get Shadows on the Vatican: Act 1, Delve Deeper (DLC included), War of the Human Tanks, Eversion, and Fibrillation. That's not a bad value for just under a buck.

Of course (there's always an "of course"), if you beat the average payment (currently $2.89), you'll also get The Adventures of Shuggy, Stay Dead, The 4th Wall, and Flibble. As sales continue to accumulate, bonus goodies such as soundtracks and digital comics will be unlocked. Yay for prizes!

There are seven days left until this bundle offer expires, so take advantage while you can. Unless you, like, hate games and stuff.

[Bundle in a Box]

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