Bulletstorm Grants Exclusive Content for Gears 3, Not Only Way into Beta

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Bulletstorm's Epic Edition will not be the only yellow brick road into the Gears of War 3 beta. Rod Fergusson, executive producer of the Gears franchise, revealed a bunch of details on Twitter about the beta and what the Epic Edition actually grants.

One user asked if there would be other paths into the beta, should he give Bulletstorm a miss.

"Yes but you'll miss out on the exclusive head start and some cool exclusive content," Fergusson replied. A hunch is a hunch, but additional character skins sounds like a gift that would go down well with Gears aficionados.

The biggest question surrounds the release date of the beta, with no details confirmed as of yet bar that the beta will not be accessible on Bulletstorm's release. April has been tossed around as a deadline, but don't go out and buy the Bulletstorm Epic Edition and stare at it until the beta goes live. On the other hand, don't trade it in, either. Lead Gameplay Programmer Joe Graf also confirmed that the disc is required to access the beta.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is running a deal in which purchasing Bulletstorm Epic Edition allows you to grab the Gears of War Triple Pack for $5.

Stuart Macdonald
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