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Bullet Run blasts (and runs) its way to PC, available now


Sony Online Entertainment has launched Bullet Run, its free-to-play first-person shooter. The game features intense shooting action, multiplayer for up to 20 players at once, customization options for characters, and six arenas. You'll also be able to blast others fools in the face across Team Deathmatch and Dominion modes.

Bullet Run is set in a game show environment where contestants are tasked with surviving and taking out their aggressors. Think of it as a bloodsport of sorts. Ya know, real wholesome family game show stuff!

As you progress in Bullet Run, your character will level up, and you'll have access to different items and cash. Additionally, the game allows players to increase their stats across multiple skill trees.

If you're looking for some free-to-play shooting action, you should check out Bullet Run. You can download the game on its official site.

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