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Build anything in Minecraft with 3D-scanning app for iOS


A small San Francisco-based studio has developed an app that lets you scan a 3D object in the real world and reconstruct its likeness in the sandbox game Minecraft.

It's called DekkoScan, and it uses the same technology that the studio, Dekko, made for an augmented-reality car game called Tabletop Speed earlier this year. "So I built it, submitted it to the App store today, and, heh, now I can only wait for the approval from Apple," the developer told Reddit.

The app supports iPhone and iPad and uses the device's camera to map an object with video in 360 degrees. DekkoScan then "cubifies" the object, or renders it into Minecraft blocks, and users can transfer that version into the game. You can see the process documented here or watch a Vine video.

The technology is limited to a single lens, unlike an old Kinect solution, but it's generally easy to use.

An Android version may happen in the future.


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