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Brynhildr makes her debut in Rise of Incarnates


Just how versed are you in your Nordic folklore? Ever head the legend of Brynhildr? You know the whole defying Odin, shield wall, circle of fire stuff? Good stuff. Well guess what? You can NOW play here in Rise of Incarnates. I have a feeling she isn’t exactly what you’d expect though.

First off, think of her like a combination of Ghost Rider and Tron. She rides a motorcycle that reminds of me of a light cycle and wields a lance instead of a chain. Think of her as a modern day jouster, horses are overrated anyways. Just because she’s on a bike, doesn’t mean she lacks mobility – quite the opposite actually. This little lady is all over the place.

Erendira Quinn, Brynhildr, comes from a background of child abuse by the hand of her father. No longer does she jump from orphanage to orphanage. She has a great power, and as of today, you can use it in game.       

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