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Brutal Legend Dem-o-Thon Launches Today

October 1, 2009

Brutal Legend Dem-o-Thon Launches Today

Are you ready to rock? We hope so, since Double Fine is launching their Dem-o-Thon live video cast in celebration for their upcoming metal epic, Brutal Legend. Below, you can find the full schedule for the live cast as well as the video itself, which is set to begin at 12pm PST today. So check out the details and tune in at 12pm!

Full Event Details:

Ormagoden, the Cremator of the Sky, the Destroyer of the Ancient world, the Lord of all things Brtal has demanded that 666 Million humans download the face meltingly awesome Demo of Brtal Legend or he will give “everyone” Swine Flu. While this may seem like a good time to panic, sell all your worldly possessions and run to the hills, fear not. Double Fine will be streaming a LIVE video “Dem-o-Thon” in support of the Demo in hopes that they can meet Ormagoden’s impossible demands and save your sinuses.

Tune in to, October 1st at 12pm PST for a LIVE broadcast from Double Fine Productions in San Francisco featuring interviews and antics with the Double Fine team. We’ll also be taking questions live from fans at and, giving away awesome Brutal prizes, broadcasting a message from Tim’s Swine Flu proofed bunker, conducting a special spoilers interview, giving Live Axe Lessons, and much more. Watch and interact with the Double Fine team as Drew, Emily, Lee, Colin, Erik, Brad, Levi, Tasha, Dave, Steve, Nathan, Pete, Anna, Dan and Jon take you behind the scenes of the development of Brtal Legend, covering everything from character design and animation to multiplayer, the open world and even technical development.

Also, don’t forget, the Demo goes Live October 1st for everyone on Xbox Live and PSN. You can find out what fans are saying about the demo and even add the Demo to your Xbox Live download queue instantly here if you have an Xbox Live account. Download and play this mind-destroyingly epic demo and help Double Fine Productions stave off the wrath of Ormagoden… and don’t forget the game hits shelves Rocktober 13th!

Event Schedule (TBD):

  • Welcome to the Dem-o-thon!

  • A Message from Tim’s Bunker

  • Drew shows how to make Brutal VFX

  • Emily shares her 10 Least Metal Albums

  • Lee reports from the field and share’s little known facts from the world of Brtal Legend

  • Colin show’s how Eddie’s power grows in the Open World of Brutal Legend

  • Erik reveals the Depth of the World of Brtal Legend

  • Brad walks you through Multiplayer Stage Battles

  • Levi draws a Brutal Caricature of one lucky fan while discussing Character design

  • Nathan, Pete, Anna, Dan and Jon talk about programming Brutal Legend and crunch time at Double Fine

  • Tasha and Dave take you inside white box animation

  • Steve gives an Axe Lesson

  • Forbidden Questions answered by a Special Guest

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