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Browser Game Coin 'n Carry Lets You Play Shopkeeper


I'm not a big fan of social games. Having to rely on friends to get items and spamming their email accounts with unnecessary crap is tedious on both parts, and I can't stress enough how much I wish I could strangle my loved ones whenever I get some stupid FarmVille requests. I usually ignore that stuff and stay away from social games, and as a result, I'm a much happier person.

That said, I must admit I was intrigued by Coin 'n Carry, a browser-based social game from a small developer known as Frogdice. The game has you playing shopkeeper, and it is your duty to collect resources, craft items, and sell like crazy to customers. Technically, Coin 'n Carry is a social game, and you can trade items with your friends and send gifts to one another, but you don't have to, which makes it more of an enjoyable experience for someone like me who is terrified by any type of social interaction.

You earn resources by playing through different mini-games. A lot of these are fun little puzzles or spot-the-difference games, and there's even a mini-game inspired by Bust-a-Move. That's right, freaking Bust-a-Move! Because you can take on your challenges as you see fit, you don't need to make it a social game if you don't want to. But if you do, the connectivity is there for you to do so.

I spent a good chunk of time just tackling mini-games during my initial play session, and it was a fun little distraction. But gamers looking for an addictive social game can definitely find that here, too. If you're into these types of games and hate spam, I'd advise taking Coin 'n Carry for a spin. Just don't expect me to share my username with you. To be honest, I'd much rather play alone than interact with you.

Stop looking at me.

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