Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons director creating new game that 'hasn’t been done before'

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Screenshot - Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The director of the critically applauded Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is working on a new game he promises "hasn’t been done before."

"I have the game already planned out, and I’m super excited about it," Josef Fares told Edge. "It’s a game about emotions and something that really hasn’t been done before. I’m sure that people will react differently to it.”

Fares, who released the adventure game Brothers with developer Starbreeze Studios in August last year, also had a wonderful way of explaining how games are unique from other media, such as film.

"Interactivity changes everything, it changes the way you write something, the way you tell your story, the way you handle your audience,"  he said.

"In a movie, you’re in control of pretty much everything. In a game, it’s like having your audience running around on set, playing with your camera, your actors … so most of the time it’s about making sure that when the player is controlling the character the game doesn’t break. And also trying to help the character proceed forward in the story.”

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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