Broken Age contains 1,181 cutscenes (and other random facts)

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Double Fine's latest adventure game is on sale, and to celebrate, the developer put together a lengthy list of production facts.

Broken Age is 33 percent off on Steam, so you can grab it now for $17 as part of a Steam daily deal (ending in 18 hours). Double Fine collected some trivia about the game's production, which took it from Kickstarter to Steam.

The project itself took 22 months to complete. There are more animations for female protagonist Vella (1,784), whose perspective is one half of the story, than for male protagonist Shay (871), and the game contains 1,181 cutscenes.

Double Fine recorded 4,417 lines of dialogue for Broken Age, which stars talent such as Elijah Wood and Jack Black. The length of this dialogue comes to just over three hours.

The game's music by Peter McConnell totals just over 75 minutes. And the credits run for 15 minutes — at 856.4 names a minute (there are a lot of Kickstarter backers). Thankfully, Double Fine made this fast-forwardable by letting players scroll down faster. Thank you, Double Fine.

Broken Age Part 1, which released in January, earned enough in sales on Steam to fund the rest of the game.

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