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Brink Is Amazon's Deal of the Day


To me, Brink always seemed like the type of game that would appeal to gamers once it landed in the bargain bin. I'm not saying it's a bad game. On the contrary, Brink is actually a fun FPS with some cool features and fun multiplayer action. That said, much like Bulletstorm, I don't think people are ready to shell out $60 on a new IP in the FPS genre.

Well, if you're in the same camp as I am, and you've been holding off on purchasing Brink due to its $60 price tag, you'll be glad to know that Amazon has it listed as its Video Games Deal of the Day. Surprisingly, the online retailer isn't just shaving a few bucks off the game's cost. No, it's reducing it to $19.99.

Until midnight, you can save $40 on Brink--that's 40 clams that can go to some other gaming purchases. Those are definitely some hefty savings, so take advantage if you've been meaning to play Brink. If you're still not sure if the game is for you, check out GameZone's full review for details.

You can pick up Brink for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Additionally, Amazon is offering other deals throughout the day, so check back on the digital store frequently to see if there's something else you like.

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