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Breaking Down Bond


The old Bonds inspired a generation of men with womanizing and car-loads of gadgets. Unfortunately for them, iPhones and Droids make their gadgets look like something out of a Happy Meal, and they didn't have to deal with a little thing called AIDS. If nothing else, Die Another Day (2002) proved that the world had moved on and left the old spy behind.

Daniel Craig's blonde-haired Bond caused a stir, but pounded all doubters into submission. He's witty, calculating, but most of all, he can kick your butt in a second or less with his bare hands.

Here's the latest trailer for James Bond 007: Blood Stone, in case you haven't seen him in action.

It looks brutal, but you have to slow it down to truly appreciate the action in all its glory.

Here we see Bond surprising his victim and grabbing his wrist. This could go a dozen ways - none of them good.

The terrified moment of recognition. Right about now, he's probably wondering why he never finished dental school, settles down, and maybe had a few kids.

And BAM! Someone's going to be doing his business as a lefty for a while.

And what would such a brutal strike be without a spray of saliva? Can someone get Bond a wetnap?

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