Breach Goes Gold, Gets Release Date

Breach Screenshot - 825052

Atomic Games may never get to release their controversial shooter, Six Days in Fallujah, but that hasn't stopped them from finishing another realistic, military shooter, in the form of Breach. Atomic announced today that Breach has gone gold, and will be available January 26th, 2011 for Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PC.

The game will be available for 1200 points ($15.00) on Xbox 360 and $19.99 on PC, though the price difference does come with some extra features on PC. Bigger explosions with PhysX, a more realistic Hardcore mode, and dedicated server support are all exclusive features for PC players. They'll also be able to buy the game at retail optionally, whereas the 360 version is only available via digital download.


Joe Donato Video games became an amazing, artful, interactive story-driven medium for me right around when I played Panzer Dragoon Saga on Sega Saturn. Ever since then, I've wanted to be a part of this industry. Somewhere along the line I, possibly foolishly, decided I'd rather write about them than actually make them. So here I am.
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