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Bravely Default sequel announced, original still unconfirmed for U.S.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Square Enix's role-playing 3DS download game, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, was a big hit in Japan this fall, and now the publisher has announced a sequel. But where's our localization?

You probably recognize Silicon Studio as the developer of Atlus's 3D Dot Game Heroes. Producer Tomoya Asano is now asking fans for help with the sequel to Bravely Default. He compiled a list of 100 questions and feedback from fans and is polling them to see how much they want each change to happen.

Below are a few of the featured suggestions:

  • There’s currently only one save slot available; add multiple save slots.
  • Add an auto-save feature that saves after changing maps, before boss fights, etc.
  • An additional New Game+ mode, where players can restart the game using characters and stats from the previous saves.
  • The main story might feel too long for some people; make the story a little more compact and add substories and quests instead.
  • Implement a crafting system, which requires using material to create weapons, armor, and upgrades.

Would you play Bravely Default if it came to the 3DS eShop outside of Japan?

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