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Bravely Default out today exclusively for 3DS

Bravely Default, one of the Nintendo 3DS' most-anticipated games, is officially available -- so you can finally stop grinding that demo and start playing the real thing. 

Bravely Default offers a unique twist on the role-playing genre with a risk-and-reward combat system. During the course of battles, you'll be given the choice to either Brave or Default. Selecting “Brave” lets you increase the number of actions a character can take in a turn, while “Default” allows you to store actions for later use. This mechanic adds an incredible amount of depth into the game, which you can read more about in our review.

Aside from this unique mechanic, Bravely Default offers plenty more for RPG fans to enjoy including an in-depth customization system in which you can assign your characters one of the more than 20 jobs available in the game. Up to two jobs can be equipped at one time, with each of these jobs also featuring a specific set of abilities. The sheer amount of abilities coupled with the Brave and Default mechanic should offer plenty of strategy and tactics when playing.

As for the story, it follow a humble shepherd named Tiz. As the lone survivor of a cataclysmic event, he joins a group of companions on a journey to restore balance to the world.

Bravely Default offers a deep, strategic adventure on Nintendo 3DS that everyone will be talking about,” says Nintendo of America's Scott Moffitt. “With the addition of this unique RPG, the Nintendo 3DS library continues to prove itself as one of the most robust and varied of any video game platform.”

Bravely Default can be purchased today exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. If you're still on the fence, check out our review.

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