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Brave Frontier unleashes six star versions of Lancia, Elimo, Loch, Elulu, Aem, Lemia, Lorand, Dean, Edea, & Leore


Mark this day in your colander Brave Frontier junkies. The historians will speak of July 8th forever as a day momentous change occurred. Ten of your favorite characters who have been locked in an eternal 5* struggle have broken through their bindings and can now run free with those 6* characters that came before them. Oh glorious day!

So just who are these ten new trend setters? Glad you asked. As of today, Lancia, Elimo, Loch, Elulu, Aem, Lemia, Lorand, Dean, Edea, and Leore have a 6* form. On top of that, they’re looking prettttty good. Have you been storing up your evo materials? How about dat Zel? I always have a Zel problem…

I’m looking forward to leveling my cooking mama (Lancia), after all, your characters shouldn’t change into battles against gods on an empty stomach. Is this the day Lemia finally replaces my Lico? There is a heavy change in Brave Frontier and this is only the tip of the iceberg for the month of July, stay tuned!  


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