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Brave Frontier’s update adds auto combat and replays

This is a glorious day for you Brave Frontier fans; the new “Auto Battle” feature allows you to click one button, sit back, and relax. As a means to strain yourself, occasionally you’ll have to tap the screen to stop the game from turning off as well as click treasure chests. What a bother. Things to note in this mode… your characters will use their brave move the MOMENT they can, so throw strategy out the door. Also, you won’t use items. So my suggestion would be to only use auto battle on dungeons you are mindless farming or to watch it so at the drop of a dime you can switch it off and item. Use at your own digression.

For those looking to show off or make guides, the new replay system is perfect for you. Upload videos straight to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with the press of a button. The video playing above was created on my personal account and uploaded directly to YouTube. This video also shows a full auto combat match. Enjoy!  

Auto Battle


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