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Brave Frontier opens access to the first of the Sibyl Sisters, Freya


The Six Sibyl Sisters event has begun in Brave Frontier. The first sister to enter the in game vortex is Blaze Sibyl Freya. Named after the Norse Goddess of love and fertility, Freya represents fire. Why not earth? Well, her sister Paula rides a flower so I think she called dibs on that one. Although Freya is a fire unit, her leader ability adds damage to both fire and light types – yay for duel color teams! She truly allows you to shine brighter than ever!

Her Brave Burst, Affectionate Flames, does a 10 hit combo to all targets, so you may want to slip Freya into your metal parade team. She is currently available and will be so until tomorrow (June 5th) at 19:00 PST. Her level 3 dungeon costs 25 stamina and her level 4 costs 30. Do your best to capture her while you can! Tonight at 19:00 PST her sister Eliza enters the vortex for a few days.

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